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MMRF Race for Research – Thank you!!!!

MMRF Team photo

A special thank you to all who donated from Bud’s Bulldogs!

This weekend my family and I participated in the Multiple Myeloma Race for Research. It was an incredibly moving event where patients fighting this disease, their families, medical researchers, and those who have tragically lost loved ones came together to help raise money and awareness of this rare form of cancer.

The fact that my family was able to participate in this race was such a blessing. After my dad’s diagnosis, my family went through some uncertain and difficult times with all of the various hospital visits and treatments he had to endure. But seeing him participate in Saturday’s race was such a testament to what the research produced by the MMRF can do for a patient.  At this event, my dad was able to meet other multiple myeloma survivors and we were able to see firsthand the other lives that the MMRF has impacted. Some of the survivors even ran in the 5K race (and I definitely saw a few of them cross the finish line before me.)

MMRF Survivor Photo

MMRF Survivor Photo

In my opinion, the events leading up to the race had the greatest impact. It was hard not to cry tears of joy over how far things have progressed in the right direction. This became abundantly clear while watching my father pose for photos with the other survivors and hearing stories from the honorees who have done so much to help others.

The MMRF honored two people who have gone above and beyond to inspire others. First they honored a local doctor who has dedicated her life to helping patients. They also honored a phenomenal woman who has been fighting multiple myeloma since 2008 who had the courage to share her story.

My family and I initially committed to this race without a real fundraising goal and minimal expectations since we weren’t planning to be very aggressive in our solicitations. We simply posted on Facebook, but to our surprise, the generosity was overwhelming. Our team was able to raise over $900 for this great cause and we all feel so blessed by this support. Thank you so much to everyone who donated!  My family and everyone impacted by this disease are extremely grateful for your kindness.

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Running for a cause

Washington D.C. MMRF Race for Research 5K

Washington D.C. MMRF Race for Research 5K

I am not usually someone who will ask for favors, especially not monetary ones, but there is a cause that is extremely dear to my family that I hope you will consider supporting. My dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma a few years ago and he has been fighting the cancer ever since. I will be honest. I had not heard of the disease before our family received the heart breaking news of his illness. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the disease, Multiple Myeloma is the second most common blood cancer, and as of right now it is incurable. If you want to read more about the disease and how it affects people please visit

My dad has been through so much with this disease, and he has fought like a champion. Despite the fact that this disease is incurable, it can be managed. My dad is now in good health thanks to his amazing doctors and the many advances in treatment and care made possible by the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF).

My family and I are participating in the MMRF Race for Research on November 16, 2014 so that we can contribute to a cure. We will be celebrating the progress my dad has made so far, raising awareness for multiple myeloma, and working to find a cure for this awful disease. The race is being held at National Harbor, so to my friends based in the DC area – I hope you will consider joining our team (Bud’s Bulldogs) and running in the race. There is a 5k race and a 1 mile long walk, so if you are a fitness lover this is definitely a good race to participate in. If you are not close by, I hope you will consider donating to our team by visiting

I know that so many of you, like me, have tight budgets and want to ensure that your money goes to something worthy. The MMRF is an extremely successful charity and they have earned Charity Navigator’s highest rating of 4 stars for the last 10 years. That means that the money they raise goes to research and not administrative costs – and they have a proven track record. The MMRF has brought many new drugs and treatments to the market, and the life expectancy of patients has increased significantly because of their work.  Their research also helps patients fighting other forms of cancer because many of the treatments they have produced for multiple myeloma have improved treatment for others as well. The MMRF Race for Research will raise money for this commendable foundation, and I hope you will consider donating. Our team website is located at